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mindframe meditation


between stimulus and response there is space. in that space is the power to choose our response. in our response lies our growth and our freedom

Victor Frankl

mindframe mental fitness

ride the wave

The journey of life is in constant motion, ebbing and flowing through time.

No matter how hard we try to control it, the tide will always rise and fall.

We must learn to ride the wave that is sport, work, and life. This is how optimal experience is achieved and the essence of true happiness.


This is the mindframe way.

who we are
Our philosophy is simple

our philosophy





We believe that by exploring movement, the human can experience wellness in life. What makes us different is the approach we take in making a resilient human.  We are top of our field, and we know what high performance truly means because we have been there. It's simple, a healthier human does human things better.

the program

learn what it takes to be at your best 

We provide a unique and realistic training programs for you, the individual, to have success. The goal is to empower a proactive approach to physical, mental, and emotional health.

this program has something for everyone. 

train the mind

grow the self

improve performance

live happier

optimal performance

optimal performance starts within

Learn to build the conditions to find happiness and consistency within. Mindframe builds a foundation that changes the way humans think, feel, perform and live.



Stress is a matter of perspective.
In the presence of chronic stress, brain function is impaired, decision making suffers, and building habits that contribute to healthy living and/or optimal performance become even more difficult.
This begins the stress cycle, which only leads to more stress. This can begin a vicious cycle in negative self-talk, low self-efficacy, mood and confidence. 



Let's break the cycle.

We are changing the way humans perceive stress through awareness, stillness, and movement. 

We bring calm to the chaos. Through a mindful approach to training, mindframe builds a foundation which strengthens confidence and self-concept.

Enjoy the journey.

Our "Human 1st" approach builds self-compassion and empathy, making space for the happiness, acceptance, and well-being.

We explore the various obstacles in each unique environment. With a focus on growth, we will not only help with consistency of healthy behaviours, but improve quality of life.



and there's more

something for everyone

program design

full program design for the individual, team, or organization. Regular reflection so you can always have a program that changes as you do.

care + consultancy

access to the experts.

whether a team or individual, By joining our community, we offer an inclusive referral network that supports every need.

let's team up

let's team up

We are teaming up with leading high-performance organizations across Canada to do wellness better. Join us in providing athletes, employees, and as many humans as possible with exactly what they need to be at their best. 


Sports Organizations



Individual Clients

a holistic approach


• how you live

• how you perform

• how you recover
• how you move
• how you live

• how you manage stress

what we do

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find balance, live happier

Regardless of what you do or who you are, you need your body to do it.


From athletes to parent, police officer or lawyer, a healthy you does you things better.

why it matters

hands together icon-01.png

how it works 

let's understand who you are, and how you need your body to work for you.

support your lifestyle with movement that feels right.

find the type of movement that works for you, so you can make your body work for you.


our model

gears icon-01.png

active body. still mind. open heart.


performance | wellness

sport | life | school

Find what brings out the best in you. Go on a journey most will not – within. Education on taking a mindful approach to your journey. This will make you more resilient no matter what life throws at you.


workplace | wellness

business | life

A balanced approach to productivity and flow. Learn recovery strategies to manage stress, improve focus, and reduce burnout. It's time for a new work culture, and it starts within.


strength & conditioning

train for sport

Learn to maximize your training. When we perform with body, mind, and heart, we do it better. Use high-performance tools that work to help you grow, find balance, and enjoy the path to reaching your goals


personal training

healthy lifestyle

Not just going through the motions. we help you reach your health and fitness goals with intention. Custom design with guidance so you can focus on what really matters, growth.

join our community

mindframe testimonials reviews


Really aided me in challenging my connection to my breath. With this newfound connection, I can also be more connected to my breath as a determinant of my mental state.”

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