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The collaboration between FIRSTAR Therapy and mindframe brings a flexible, holistic program to athletes. The goal is to enable, empower, and enhance each athlete’s well being on and off the field of play through a focus on intentful movement and mindful practices.


grow perform live

a holistic approach to performance

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the program

whatever you do, do it better.


• resilience
• manage stress
• focus
• awareness
• self-concept

• performance

• body-mind connection

• growth mindset
• efficiency of movement
• emotional regulation

what we do

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find balance, live happier

internal stressors

• perfectionism

• performance anxiety
• singular identity

• burnout

• injury

external stressors

• COVID-19 pandemic
• competition

• expectations/judgement

why it matters

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how it works 

educate and understand mindful practices

gain valuable experience to empower healthy lifestle behaviour

apply mindfulness daily to impact performance & quality of life


our model

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Our philosophy is simple

train the mind

grow the self

improve performance

live happier

every step of the way...

data + analytics

quantify your wellbeing.

for the left brain. This data will not only track your progress, but provide another layer in productivity.

performance programming

full program design for your organization, as well as regular reflection on how we can continually improve your envrionment.

care + consultancy

access to the experts.

whether a team or individual, By joining our community, we offer an inclusive referral network that supports every need.

building community.

hear from james and matthew as they discuss

performance wellness.

not just for athletes.

approved resource of 
York Catholic District School Board


we want to hear from you.

connect with us for availability, and more information on how this program can work for you.

our program is fully customizable to suit each organization. we offer both remote and in-person services.

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